Peer Recovery Supporters

They’ve been there and now they’re here to help.

Peer Recovery Supporters have been in your shoes. They provide hope and guidance to others recovering from a substance use disorder because they’re in recovery themselves. They encourage you to set recovery goals and motivate you to achieve them. They use their experience to help you prevent relapse and promote your long-term recovery. To them, your success is personal.

How they support you:

  • Understand and relate to the struggles of addiction
  • Provide hope, encouragement and inspiration from their personal experiences
  • Deliver structure and recovery planning while also discussing real-life challenges
  • Identify barriers to your recovery and provide realistic ways to overcome them
  • Encourage and assist in developing healthy, safe and sober coping skills that work for you
  • Explore the best options for developing a sober support network (possibly including community support groups).
  • Ensure a respectful and compassionate environment
  • Help you find your own recovery path without judgment

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“After being in recovery for over four years, perhaps the most important piece of information that I have learned is that recovery is a ‘WE’ thing. It takes a lot of patience, effort, support, willingness and love in order to conquer addiction. This is exactly why we are here! Peer Recovery Supporters can be a key resource to be used during your own path to recovery. We are here as proof that recovery IS POSSIBLE, and that all of the pain, stress and tears are a minimal price to pay in exchange for a life that just continues to get better.”

– Matt Peterson, Peer Recovery Supporter

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“People helped me get into recovery and I want to be able to help others overcome and show that recovery is possible. I was so tired of the life I was living and all the pain it brought on me and my family. I was tired of watching people around me die. But, there is hope and I believe we can learn and grow into a new way of life for a better future. If nothing changes then nothing changes.”

– Kelli Achberger, Peer Recovery Supporter

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“My hope is that when you see that others have walked through this process of recovery and are overcoming, you will have the strength to believe that you can and will too!”

– Anna Cox, Peer Recovery Supporter

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