Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

Many people can drink alcohol in moderation and manage their actions while under the influence. Other people, however, cannot control their drinking and find themselves drinking regularly. This is a major indicator of alcohol addiction. If you may have an alcohol addiction, the team at BrightView Health can help. Our  treatment program can give you the foundation to build an alcohol-free lifestyle. First, you need to identify that alcohol addiction is present.

What Are Signs of an Alcohol Addiction?

It can be challenging to admit to yourself that you may have an alcohol addiction. However, you know yourself best, so it is crucial for your well-being to honestly evaluate whether you have an alcohol addiction. To determine if you have an alcohol addiction, ask yourself:

  • Are you experiencing legal or financial issues due to your drinking?
  • Have friends or family members expressed concerns about your alcohol use?
  • Are you feeling withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating, and shaking, when you don’t drink?
  • Have you tried to limit or stop your drinking before without any success?
  • Are you isolating yourself so that you can consume alcohol?
  • Have you stopped engaging in activities that you previously enjoyed because of your alcohol use?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, it might be in your best interests to consider enrolling in a treatment program at BrightView Health.

What Happens in Our Treatment Program If I am Seeking Help for Alcohol Addiction?

At BrightView Health, our treatment program has been effective for many people. Generally speaking, our addiction treatment recovery program follows these steps:

  • Step 1 – Registration – During this step, you will be asked to complete forms, such as a confidentiality form and a treatment contract.
  • Step 2 – Medical Induction & Vitals – One of our medical assistants will ask you about your current medications, any allergies, your preferred pharmacy, and any symptoms of withdrawal you’re currently experiencing. Also, you will complete a urine screen, and your vital statistics will be recorded.
  • Step 3 – Clinical Intake Assessment – During the clinical intake assessment, you will meet with one of our licensed professional counselors or social workers to discuss the expectations of the program and understand why you’re seeking treatment.
  • Step 4 – Physician Visit – During this step, a doctor will discuss your current health, assess your needs, answer questions, and address any concerns regarding your treatment. 
  • Step 5 – Pharmacy Visit – Our nursing staff will tell you how to administer your medications and give you instructions asking you not to eat, drink or smoke twenty minutes before or after taking your medications.
  • Step 6 – Observed Dosing – We will observe you take the first dose of medications, and we’ll help minimize your withdrawal symptoms in our quiet, low-light patient lounge for the next several hours. After your condition is stabilized, we’ll give you detailed instructions for Day 2 and let you go home.

What Are Some Benefits of a Treatment Program for Alcohol?

When you enter a treatment program at BrightView Health, you start to experience benefits almost immediately. Some of the many benefits of our treatment program include:

  • You enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • You learn healthy coping skills to deal with stress that don’t include drinking alcohol.
  • You build a support system with the peers that you meet in treatment.
  • You repair relationships with loved ones that may have been damaged due to your alcohol addiction.
  • You engage in new activities to keep you busy and engaged in a sober way of life.
  • You feel physically and mentally stronger.

Begin Your Recovery in Our Treatment Program

Alcohol addiction negatively affects millions of lives across the country. This doesn’t have to be the case. If you are battling an alcohol addiction, our team can help. Contact the team of experts at BrightView Health today for compassionate and structured alcohol addiction treatment. Reach out to our team by calling 1-833-510-HELP, and you can speak with one of our outstanding team members to get more information about our addiction treatment programs. Today can be the day that you change your life for the better. Call BrightView Health now.