What to Expect

This is what your personalized addiction treatment program at BrightView will look like.

It takes courage to face your drug addiction, and we’re proud of you for taking the first step at fighting substance use disorder. At BrightView treatment centers, our experienced team of caring and trusted professionals will work together to give you the best possible tools and support to successfully reach your goals through our outpatient program. You deserve the opportunity to regain control of your life. BrightView isn’t your standard “drug rehab,” and we are committed to walking with you along the journey of recovery.

Starting your Recovery

Making the decision to start recovery can be hard, and we’re proud of you for taking the first step. We are committed to meeting each patient where they are. Here are some important things to know about beginning.

Ongoing Treatment

After completing your treatment, we will evaluate your progress and transition you to the next step. Whether your next step is another treatment program or aftercare, we will equip you with the tools and skills to continue your recovery.

What We Expect From You

We want to maintain a safe, welcoming and respectful treatment facility for you to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction and these rules and expectations help us continue to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed answers to our most frequently asked questions about our addiction treatment centers.

BrightView by the Numbers

Less than 60-seconds.

Every minute counts when treating someone with addiction. With our 24/7 patient access line, we ensure referring is an easy process for partners. Nearly 80% of referral partner and new patient calls are answered in 60 seconds or less.

Treating addiction is complex.

It requires empathy and understanding. 100% of our Patient Access Specialists have been personally affected by addiction. Some are in long-term recovery, so they understand what patients are going through.

Less than 4 hours.

For patients in withdrawal, our average time to appropriate Medication Assisted Treatment (usually buprenorphine) and completion of the first counseling session is less than 4 hours from walking in the door.

Connect With A Peer Recovery Supporter