Day 2 of Treatment

Here’s what to expect during your second day.

Day 2 of treatment may last up to 5 hours. We offer water, vending machines and complimentary small snacks, but we encourage you to bring your own lunch.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled visit. After checking in at the front desk, you will be escorted to the medical lab by one of our medical assistants.

The rest of the day will generally follow this process:

Step 1

Medical Assessment

During the assessment, our medical staff will take your vitals and administer the Clinical Opioid Withdrawal Scale. They will answer any of your questions or concerns about medications, symptoms, timing, and dosages.

Step 2

Physician Follow-Up

You will meet with the doctor to follow-up about any medications and/or questions you may have. If the doctor has no concerns regarding your continued treatment, he or she will sign off on your chart.

Step 3

Observed Dosing & Laboratory Work-Up

You will be medically observed taking your medication. Our nursing staff observes patients in order to ensure they are taking their medication in a safe and appropriate fashion. When you have been observed for an hour and are feeling well, the staff will take a final set of vitals.

During Step 3, the staff will draw blood for any routine testing that the physician feels is appropriate for your treatment.

Step 4

Program Scheduling & Case Management

The last (and most important) step of Day 2, is to meet with a licensed counselor or Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant (CDCA) case manager. He or she will:

  • Create your treatment plan that includes identifying personal goals and therapy goals
  • Schedule your appointments for group counseling sessions
  • Assign your primary counselor and schedule appointments
  • Address your immediate needs like housing, food, clothing, etc.
  • Review the clinical and medical services available to you
  • Schedule two follow-up appointments with the doctor
  • Answer any questions you have about BrightView services

After meeting with the case manager, you will be discharged from the facility with a list of your scheduled appointments, a list of your group therapy sessions, and your group orientation time and date.

Please remember to attend all of these scheduled events (or reschedule with our front desk).

Ongoing Treatment

However long recovery takes you, our ongoing treatment will guide you, provide the tools to help reach your goals, and help you maintain successful sobriety.

Start feeling better tomorrow.

If you’re ready to regain control and start a personalized medication-assisted treatment program that works, we’re only a phone call away.