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Program Orientation


This page is designed to inform you of BrightView’s policies, rules, and expectations. Here at BrightView, we utilize group and individual therapy collectively. In conjunction with clinical services, BrightView also requires medical visits to ensure the best outcome for each patient.

Group therapy offers the following benefits:

  • A place where you can feel comfortable and welcome, where you can ask questions, receive helpful feedback, learn from your peers, and share your thoughts, advice, and opinions
  • A place where you can learn the tools and skills needed to be successful in your recovery
  • Feedback from many patients is that group therapy is the most beneficial and effective part of their recovery at BrightView.

Ultimately, BrightView is focused on establishing a safe environment where patients support one another, and when necessary, challenge one another constructively to help move recovery forward through a feeling of shared purpose and community.

BrightView Group Rules

  1. Please confirm attendance for your group counseling sessions. You should always confirm your attendance for a group counseling session by 6:00 pm the day PRIOR to the session. If you fail to call and confirm your attendance, you will NOT have a guaranteed seat in the group counseling session. Scheduled and confirmed patients are given first priority at all group sessions. Scheduled but NOT confirmed patients are allocated remaining seats on a first come, first served basis. No walk-in attendance is permitted.
  2. Please arrive on time for all scheduled group and individual sessions and physician appointments. Please be aware of the time given on your scheduled appointment cards and follow these. We do not allow access to group and/or individual sessions if you are more than fifteen minutes late for the session. This policy goes for physician visits as well. There are no exceptions to this and you will not be allowed to “make up” your particular group and/or individual sessions at a different time. You will be considered as a “did not show.”
  3. Please expect to complete a urine screen during every group therapy session and every physician appointment you attend at BrightView. If you are not able to complete a urine screen at the beginning of your session, we ask that you please do so during the ten-minute break. Please sign and return your urine screens to the group facilitator. You are permitted to have a copy if you request one.
  4. Please be aware that you will receive one warning to stay awake if you are “nodding off” or falling asleep during group therapy. There is no second warning. The second time you will be asked to leave the group session. This is not negotiable. Patient safety is paramount to us, and at BrightView we want to ensure that the patients feel this is a safe place to come without triggering effects.
  5. We ask that you hold those around you accountable for rule # 4 as well, as we take your treatment seriously and do not want anything to jeopardize it.
  6. For smoking breaks, please use the designated smoking area, or please utilize your vehicle. You are not permitted to smoke anywhere else on the building’s premises.
  7. Please do not snack or eat anything during the active hours of group. You are permitted to eat during the ten-minute break that we provide every hour and use the vending machine if needed.
  8. Please be mindful of confidentiality. We ask that you do not share any information about anyone’s treatment at any time; including information about their progress or transition from different levels of care. This includes the break areas. If our staff is informed of this breach in confidentiality; you will be asked to leave the program. We also utilize a five-minute rule in that if you are aware of someone breaching confidentiality we ask that you report this information within five minutes to a staff member or you will be held responsible for breaking confidentiality as well.
  9. Please utilize the time at the beginning of group to get coffee. You are not permitted to get coffee during the middle of group due to it being disruptive in nature to the overall dynamic of the group session.
  10. Please use the restroom before group begins or during break. You should only require the restroom during group if you feel as though you are going to be physically ill or have a medical issue that requires use of the restroom. We ask this in order to create minimal disruption during group sessions.
  11. Please be mindful of raising your hand when you would like to speak as well as refraining from cross talk. You will be reprimanded verbally if you continue to cross talk during group discussions.
  12. Please turn your cell phone off at the beginning of group. We do not allow you to actively use your phone in a group session and this can be grounds for dismissal from that particular session. In an emergency, please inform your loved ones to contact our front desk and our staff will notify you of the call as soon as possible.
  13. Please be respectful. Any blatant misuse of language, derogatory language, or threats, will be grounds for dismissal from that particular group session.
  14. Please ask before you hug someone, or place your hand on their back to comfort them as patients have different emotional responses to physical contact.
  15. Please remain in the permitted areas within BrightView. We ask that you are accompanied by a BrightView employee if you need to access the kitchen for any reason. Other permitted areas are the waiting room, your individual clinician’s office (on the day of your assigned session), and the group therapy room that you’re assigned to on a particular day.
  16. When exiting group, please leave through the waiting room. Due to an excess amount of traffic at the front desk, we ask that any and all questions/concerns/scheduling issues be addressed through the window in the waiting room. You will be kindly redirected to the waiting room if you are loitering.

BrightView’s Expectations

  1. Attendance is critical to the success of your treatment. If you fail to attend individual or group sessions, you run the risk of being placed on a behavior contract and/or having your medications postponed or limited. Communication is important at BrightView. We take your recovery seriously and therefore if you don’t speak up for yourself, we’re not able to advocate for you either. Please let us know, as soon as possible, when you are not able to attend a scheduled group and/or individual session.
  2. Group is conducted in an interactive and feedback driven style where we encourage group members to speak up and share their experiences, thoughts, emotions, troubles, and questions. Growth is the key objective.
  3. Be early, be early, be early.
  4. You are responsible for keeping track of your own appointments. This means, being proactive in following through with dates and times of your scheduled group and individual appointments. Please call 24 hours in advance to cancel any appointments.
  5. Not having access to a phone is NOT an acceptable excuse for lack of communication with BrightView. There are little to no excuses as to why you can’t get a hold of another form of communication to ensure that we are aware of you not being able to attend your appointment. Memorize BrightView’s phone number.
  6. We ask that you be physically present for your scheduled doctor appointment so that we can prescribe your medication. Simply, we need to see you to prescribe for you. PRESCRIPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE WEDNESDAY AFTER 12:00 p.m.
  7. We cannot refill medication(s) early for any reason. Please keep your medication(s) in a safe, secure place where you are sure it will not be stolen. We do not accept any reason (stolen, lost, misplaced, etc.) to refill medication. If your medication is stolen, lost or misplaced; we encourage you to get connected to as much support as possible to avoid relapse (i.e. Narcotics Anonymous, family, extended sessions at BrightView, etc.).
  8. Medications will assist you in your recovery but they are not the sole answer. You have to want to make the changes in order to succeed and build a better life for yourself. We want you to recognize what you want to do in life and what it’s going to take to get there. Changing your lifestyle and attitude is how you’re going to maintain sobriety.
  9. Confidentiality is about who has access to your information. People that are not involved in your treatment should NOT be sharing your business. This includes other people in your assigned group counseling sessions. What we talk about in group sessions is serious and personal, and it is disrespectful and hurtful to share other people’s business. You will be dismissed from our program if our staff is notified of a breach in confidentiality. We also hold you accountable and expect that if you hear something inappropriate, you will notify our staff immediately.
  10. Referral from our program does not mean you are being “kicked out”. We have a duty and desire to help you in the best manner possible. Sometimes this means that BrightView isn’t the best place for your recovery. If our staff professionally assesses your situation and determine that you require a higher level of care, this is being done with your health, safety, and treatment success in mind.
  11. Your group sessions are limited to the days and times you are scheduled. You are not permitted to attend and/or make up group on a different day or time if you’ve missed for any reason. Groups are the pillar of support here at BrightView.
  12. If you ever have questions, concerns, or believe something could improve your care (ex: more individual sessions and less group counseling sessions), please address it with your individual counselor. The worst that could happen is hearing NO.


  1. Always keep your belongings with you or in a secure place. This includes your medication.
  2. We cannot refill medication(s) early for any reason. Please keep your medication(s) in a safe, secure place.
  3. Please CONFIRM your individual OR group therapy sessions by phone. Call immediately if you cannot attend.
  4. Stay AWAKE! If you need to stand up, do so, if you need to get coffee, do this as well.
  5. What happens in group therapy sessions, stays in group therapy sessions.
  6. Be early! Group therapy sessions start promptly at either 9am, 1pm, or 6pm.
  7. Be expected to provide a urine sample before every group therapy session.
  8. Sign your drug screens during group therapy sessions.
  9. Put your phone on silent mode during group therapy sessions.
  10. If you see or hear something concerning, SAY SOMETHING.


We encourage our patients to join a community self-help or peer-support group as an adjunct to what we do at BrightView, but generally we do not require participation in such groups for patients or their families. If a patient or family member would like our assistance in finding these groups, our case management team is happy to facilitate that process. You can also access a list of meetings using the websites and phone numbers listed below.

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Narcotics Anonymous:

SMART Recovery: