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Program Admission

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction and are ready and wanting to make a positive change in their life, please contact us today. We are currently accepting new patients immediately and will do our best to schedule an initial intake session with you or your loved one as soon as possible.

Your First Visit

Induction Procedure

Please expect to spend between 6 to 8 hours on induction day at BrightView. This will be the longest day that you spend at our facility.

We ask that you arrive to our office in a semi-withdrawn state, which means:

  • Not using methadone** or long-acting painkillers for at least 48-72 hours
  • Not using heroin or short-acting painkillers for 24 hours
  • Abstaining from drinking alcohol for 24 hours
** This means that you must be tapered down to less than 30 mgs per day by the start of your 48-72 hour withdrawal period.

This will allow our staff to medically assess the appropriate level of care that you may need.

In addition, if you are in a semi-withdrawn state, the medicine will help lessen the withdrawal symptoms. However, if you are not in withdrawal, the medicine will “override” the opioids already in your system, which will cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

We do our best to schedule your induction in the morning since many patients find it easier to skip what would normally be their morning usage on the day of induction (with the exception of methadone or long acting painkillers, mentioned above).

Patients may experience different side effects from the medication and due to this we ask that you arrange to have a family member or friend transport you to and from the facility on your first day. Our main priority at BrightView is ensuring the safety of our patients from the moment they walk in the door.

If you were provided with the intake paperwork prior to your first visit, please come with the forms completed to the best of your ability and provide them to the front desk staff.

If you were not provided with the intake paperwork prior to your first visit, please consider arriving about 30 minutes early to ensure that you’re able to complete each form in its entirety before your scheduled appointment time.

You are welcome to and responsible for bringing your own lunch and/or snacks. We offer water, vending and complimentary small snacks. However, we ask that you provide your own lunch.

❏ Arrive experiencing moderate opioid withdrawal symptoms
❏ Arrive prepared to give a urine sample for screening
❏ Bring completed forms (or arrive 30 minutes early to complete paperwork)
❏ Bring a list of ALL current medications
❏ Bring your health insurance information
❏ Pay all fees due at the time of your visit
❏ Bring any medications that you have containing Buprenorphine that you are currently prescribed
❏ Bring lunch and/or snacks as needed