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Opioid epidemic: Fight addiction and chronic pain together to save lives

May 31, 2019

One of the central debates among those trying to solve the opioid crisis focuses on stronger constraints against over-prescribing pain medications.  Thousands of Americans rely on doctors to prescribe effective pain medication to help them manage chronic ailments.  Meanwhile, many advocates for a reduction in prescriptions believe that those very pills relied on to manage chronic pain are actually leading Americans into addiction.   Both of these arguments are plausible, and there is always room to find common ground and reach a good conclusion.  To begin, identifying that millions of Americans who are prescribed pain medication are also at risk for opioid addiction needs to be considered.  Acknowledging this statement alone should result in more preemptive measures to prevent addiction, rather than waiting until a patient demonstrates symptoms of addiction.   There are ways to figure out efforts to address addiction and chronic pain at the same.

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