Informative & Interactive Web Page Explaining The Opioid Crisis in Chapters

This powerfully visual interactive web page allows you to explore the opioid epidemic as if you were reading a book, with Chapter 1 being the introduction to the epidemic, or “Understanding the Crisis.”  Chapter 2: “From Understanding to Collaboration”; analyzing the data and joining forces with various partners to bring the most effective evidence-based care to life. Chapter 3: “Using Data”; how fact-based insights are helping experts to understand and treat the epidemic. Chapter 4 offers you insight into the personal lives of several people recovering from addiction, how it started for them and how far they’ve come.  Chapter 5: “Hope for the Future”; the conclusion discussing the tools we have to tackle this crisis and how we all have a stake in this and do not have to go at this alone.  Through partnership and collaboration, things can get better.

Link to web page here: