Terence Gholston, BrightView

Terence L, Gholston, CDCA

Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist

First saw the sunrise in: Cincinnati, OH
Favorite breakfast food: Steak & Eggs
What brightens his day: What brightens his day is when he picks his kids up from school and they run out screaming “Daddy!”

Terence is a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant and a Certified Peer Support Specialist. Though his clinical certifications provide his education for a professional capacity, his lived experiences are what makes his role so valuable. He hopes that by sharing his journey through addiction and recovery, he may inspire hope and change in others. Terence believes that kindness, patience and compassion are key factors that will help to break stigma and encourage hope for others. Terence has been working with the troubled youth population for over 10 years and decided to change careers to further assist the parents with their struggles of Substance Use Disorder which would allow parents to raise and nurture our youth in a more positive environment.