Shay Stanford, Medical Doctor

Shay Stanford, MD, ABPN, ABFM

Medical Doctor

First saw the sunrise in: San Jose, California
Favorite breakfast food: homemade wheat bread with strawberry jam
What brightens her day: spending time with my kids, volunteering for the Cincinnati youth wheelchair basketball team (GO DRAGONS!)

Dr. Stanford graduated with a BS in mechanical engineering and worked for a small engineering firm in California right out of college.  Her older sister moved to Dayton, OH and enticed her to come for a visit.  Her sister moved on, however Dr. Stanford decided to stay and work for General Motors for five years until she decided a career in medicine was her goal and came to UC for medical school.  She completed a dual residency in family medicine and psychiatry and worked as an assistant professor for UC for 7 years, then moved on to Talbert House for 7 years where she developed a love for dual-diagnosis treatment (mental illness and addiction).  She has come to BrightView to continue her passion for treating addiction and mental illness in the underserved urban community.