Sarah McKinney, BrightView

Sarah McKinney, BSN, RN

Registered Nurse

First saw the sunrise in: Cincinnati, OH
Favorite breakfast food: Egg McMuffin
What brightens her day: Live Music

Sarah’s entire nursing career has been based around addiction and psychiatry.  She started out at Beckett Springs Behavioral Health Hospital as a PCA, a position she obtained while in my Mental Health rotation during my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing program at the University of Cincinnati.  After graduating from UC with her BSN and passing my boards, she immediately began working as an inpatient, then outpatient RN at Beckett Springs, along with many of the other RNs and providers that work here at BrightView now.  After spending four years at Beckett Springs, she decided it was time to become a bigger part in the focus of resolving the addiction epidemic that touches so many of us personally here in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.  At that time, she reached out to some of her previous coworkers about BrightView, and within days began a new journey here.  Working in addiction requires the utmost empathy, understanding, and the ability to treat people with no judgement – all traits which she strives to maintain at all times.  With her addiction expertise, she has been able to help guide multiple friends and family members affected by the disease of addiction to obtain a sober life.  The positive results and reactions of her patients, friends, and family she helps is the reason she continue to dearly value the work she does here at BrightView.