Nick Tomeo, Licensed Professional Counselor

Nick Tomeo, PhD, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor                 

First saw the sunrise in: Cairo, Egypt
Favorite breakfast food: Scrambled eggs with salsa & cheese
What brightens his day: Playing in a band

Nick received a degree in ministry from the Cincinnati Christian University and  became a youth minister in a church. While in ministry he decided he wanted to become a better minister, so he received a Master’s degree in Counseling from Purdue University. He then began counseling in private practice on a part time basis. In 2001, Nick was asked to become a professor at the Cincinnati Christian University.  He taught classes in Psychology, Communication, & Ministry. He received his LPC in 2009. He also received a PhD in Psychological Foundations from the University of Cincinnati in December of 2014. He finished the course work for his CDCA right before Nick was hired here at BrightView. All his professional career he has taught and helped others. He loves teaching and he loves helping others get their lives together. This job = the perfect fit…Counselor & Group Facilitator.