Jody Birkley, Registered Nurse, BrightView

Jody Birkley, ADN, RN

Registered Nurse                                                                                                                                   

First saw the sunrise in: Independence, Kentucky
Favorite breakfast food: Goetta & eggs
What brightens her day: Seeing a smile on her son’s face & spending time with family

Jody is a Registered Nurse who received her nursing degree from Beckfield College. Jody has been working in healthcare for over fifteen years, beginning with her first degree as a medical assistant. After working several years as a medical assistant, Jody decided she wanted to be able to do more in patient care and therefore decided to return to college to complete her nursing degree. While working on the mental health unit during nursing school, Jody knew that she wanted to continue her career working with individuals struggling with substance use disorders.

Jody enjoys working at BrightView with staff that is passionate about the disease of addiction and feels rewarded witnessing clients find happiness while working toward their recovery.