Jeffrey Craven, Medical Doctor

Jeffrey Craven, MD, ABIM, ABEM, ABAM

Medical Director, Cincinnati Center

First saw the sunrise in: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Favorite breakfast food: Either Eggs Benedict or Huevos Rancheros
What brightens his day: A red sky at night.

Dr. Craven comes to BrightView with 6 years of experience in Addiction Medicine. His original training was in Internal Medicine and the bulk of his 40 year career has been spent in Emergency Medicine in and around the Cincinnati area. He acquired an interest in the addiction field more recently and remains Board Certified in all three areas. His particular area of focus is Medication Assisted Therapy of addiction disorders and the interplay of genetic, psychiatric and social factors that weave their way into the treatment plan. He is proud to join the BrightView team as it clearly embodies the highest ideals of coordinated and successful treatment of this difficult and poorly understood disease.

He works in general primary care as well, practicing in Urgent Care to keep his broader interests in medicine sharp and sated. Outside medicine, his avocations include cooking, skiing, bicycling, woodworking, gardening and the psychological challenge of raising two preteen girls.