Jacqueline Hunter, BrightView, Case Manager

Jacqueline Hunter, CDCA

Case Manager                                                                                                     

First saw the sunrise in: Cincinnati, Ohio
Favorite breakfast food: Pancakes and Sausage
What brightens her day: Making a difference in the lives of individuals I meet.

Jackie has successfully obtained a bachelor’s degree in Social Science with a concentration in Education. She currently has a CDCA licensure as well as a CDA (Child Development Associate) certification. She was first introduced to the field of mental health and chemical dependency at Beckett Springs Hospital while working as a lead receptionist. She later took a job working at Whitestone where she worked under the very accomplished Psychiatrist Dr. Jeremy Carpenter for a period of two years. She enjoys a good movie, and reading novels, and journaling her daily thoughts.  The church is a large part of her life, and she sings in the choir and on the praise team.