Hanna McGrath, BrightView, Community Outreach Manager

Hanna McGrath

Community Outreach Manager

First saw the sunrise in: Cincinnati, OH
Favorite breakfast food: fresh fruit, and goetta
What brightens her day: I love to laugh, so any good joke that makes me, or anyone else smile will brighten my day!

Hanna has worked in the medical field for about 5 years now. She worked in the Emergency Department at Mercy Jewish Hospital with Dr. Shawn Ryan, which is how she  started working with BrightView approximately 3 years ago. She is currently working toward completing her Master’s degree in Health Care Administration.  She chose this line of work because she believes in helping those in our community that need help most, and she wants to be a part of the solution that connects people with great care and helps people find health and happiness in their lives again.