Erin Harvey, BrightView

Erin Harvey, RN

Registered Nurse

First saw the sunrise in:  Kettering, Ohio
Favorite breakfast food:  Eggs with Avocado and hot sauce
What brightens her day: Running, hiking, camping… being outside

Erin graduated from Galen College of Nursing. She worked in critical care for a little over a year and decided that it wasn’t the field of nursing for her. She had always been interested in psychiatric nursing and then went to work for Beckett Springs. After working there for a year, she was promoted to unit supervisor of the inpatient detox/rehab unit. She really enjoyed the job and loved seeing the progress in her patients. She felt like she could help make a difference. She had seen too many lives of close friends, family members, and strangers on the news be destroyed by addiction and decided that she wanted to focus her career on addiction and recovery. After two years at Beckett Springs, she heard that BrightView was opening an office in Dayton. She had heard good things about BrightView and decided to apply immediately. She loves the company and is proud to be a part of this team.