Brian McDonnell, Medical Doctor

Brian McDonnell, MD

Medical Doctor

First saw the sunrise in: Chicago, Illinois
Favorite breakfast food: Anything consisting primarily of bacon
What brightens his day: Spending time with wife and baby daughter

Grew up on the East side of Cincinnati.  Went to the east coast for college and came back to Cincinnati for medical school.  After doing residency in Akron Ohio moved back to Cincinnati to practice.  Once I began practicing I realized just how large of an issue opiate dependence was in this area.  Over the last three years I have averaged one overdose a shift and have had many more people presenting to the ED in hopes of getting narcotic pain medication.  Given the depth of the opioid crisis in this town coupled with the fact that as an emergency medicine provider I am part of a field that has definitely contributed to the problem I decided that I needed to do something to combat the issue.  During my time in Med school I worked with Dr. Ryan and given our prior relationship and my desire to do something about the crisis I decided to join the BrightView team.