Amit Pate, BrightView

Amit Patel, MD, ABIM

Medical Director, Norwood

First saw the sunrise in: Benin, Nigeria
Favorite breakfast food: Maplewood breakfast sandwich
What brightens his day: Spending time with family and friends

Dr. Patel graduated with a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, worked for a few years before deciding to look for a more fulfilling career, which led to the decision to go to medical school. Since finishing residency, he has have worked in a hospital setting for the past 6 years and witnessed firsthand the dire consequences of substance addiction and the toll it takes on all lives affected including patients, families as well as caregivers. Joining BrightView has allowed him to work with an incredible team of like minded individuals on a patient centered approach to help in the fight against addiction. He says he has been privileged to observe many positive outcomes in several of our patient’s lives thus far and hope to continue to witness many more.