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Letter to Our Patients

Simply put, it takes courage to face your addiction. The BrightView staff is here to help guide, support, and encourage you on your journey. Our experienced team of caring and trusted professionals work together to ensure that each and every patient is given the best possible tools and support to be successful in reaching their goals. Everyone deserves the opportunity to regain control of his/her life and return to a productive and meaningful way of living.

Addiction is a chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal disease for which there is effective medical treatment. Therefore, BrightView is committed to addressing the unique needs of each patient and their family. We adhere to the medical model of addiction, recognizing that it needs to be treated on the biological, psychological, and social levels. The goal of life-long abstinence is the target and the use of ongoing recovery programs to maintain sobriety is necessary. Our individualized treatment plans focus on these issues and are designed to ensure the best possible outcome for each patient. Our physicians evaluate the patient as a whole and come to appropriate conclusions about the medications that will be a part of the comprehensive plan for recovery that we can provide.

BrightView’s program provides a framework for each patient to apply addiction recovery education to his/her own personal history of substance use disorder. Because addiction not only affects the lives of individuals with the disease but also impacts the lives of those around them, BrightView offers education for both the patient and the family about the facts of addiction and the consequences of leaving it untreated. Our staff will assist patients in developing coping skills as well as other tools to address their destructive habits and behaviors. Case management services will be tailored to each patient’s distinct needs, and therapeutic crisis intervention is available for any patient struggling with recovery. In addition to the services we provide, BrightView is an advocate for community peer-group involvement and encourages patients to utilize these sober support networks.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist in your recovery. Your success is our success…we want to do everything in our power to assist you in reaching your goals.



Shawn A. Ryan, MD, MBA
President & Chief Medical Officer